Hello! I'm Kemal

Business intelligence`s importance grows higher and higher everyday and I can bring my knowledge with 6 years experience in internet technology world, compatible teamwork, accurate and result oriented work style and excellent business communication. I have been in many projects for multinational companies and their agencies. All these works and expriences had a great role for my technical business intelligence that are improved greatly my proactive, foresight and analytic skills.

What Can I Do

Knowledge is everything today`s world and it determines how powerful you are by not only having it also using it accurately. I always see myself that mine biggest qualification is dealing with data but showing how to use it and analysing it are most important sides for me. I also like using data with graphical elements to make it understandable by everyone. You can see the list below that it shows my qualifications in every aspect. I can be more from that if you needed...

How Good I Am

This list can give you idea about how good I am in terms of using softwares and coding languages. But I used various softwares for our customers` needs. This is not showing everything about my capabilities. I can deal with any kind of softwares thanks to my extremely fast learner character.

What I Have Accomplished

I have wide range background because of my technical education from both high school and university. I brought up that range to my carreer to deal with any kind of necessity.

Accounts I Work With

Things I Like To Do

I am -maybe highest level- car enthusiast and real sportsman. I would like to spend my free times with video games and outdoor activities.


Contact Me

533 2614588
Eğitim Mah. / Kadıköy / İSTANBUL

Driving Licence: Class B (Active Driver)
Military Duty: Completed (on 2010)
Can Travel: Yes
Smoking: Social

References will be given after first contact
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